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1 Bienenbuettel
2 Garanhuns
3 Corpus Christi, Texas
4 Zheleznovodsk
5 Mittenwalde
6 Belgrade
7 Hermosillo
8 Moncks Corner, South Carolina
9 Osterode
10 Plzen
11 Calahorra
12 Kecskemét
13 Kimberly, Wisconsin
14 Batatais
15 Safi
16 Lujan
17 Blacktown
18 Lobelville, Tennessee
19 Lugo
20 Reichenbach/Vogtland

How to Add Your City to the Earth Map

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Cities of Earth Free 3D Screensaver

If you have Cities of Earth 3D screensaver version 2.0 and above then you can add any city to the Earth map in your screensaver. All you need is to download or create a city record:

1. Find your country in this list, go to a country's page and then click on interested city.

2. Find "Download city record" link on city page and then click to download "cities.txt" file with city record inside

If you didn't find your city in our database, then you can create city record manually (see the example "How to create city record") or you can send us a story about your city or town or detailed description and we'll add the city record instead of you.

3. Place this file to the screensaver's installation directory
(usually "C:\Program Files\Cities of Earth").

4. Run the screensaver.

The finalists from the old city list are already added to new city database. You can download city records and add these cities to the screensaver. Other cities from the old list will also be added to the new list.

How can I create a city record?

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List of cities by countries

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