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World Cities: Peoria, Illinois (United States of America)

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City information

City: Peoria, Illinois

Country: United States of America

Population: 0.112 million

Coordinates (decimal): 40.74N, 89.61W

Time Zone: Central Standard Time

Added by: Deborah Sears

Some facts:
Largest city on the Illinois River. Headquarters of Caterpillar, Inc. home of Dan Folgerberg, "Curly Boo" Johnson of the Harlem Globetrotters, Ray LaHood US Congressman, Richard Pryor, Jim Thome major league baseball player, Sam Kinison comedian and many others. Peoria has, for years, been the US "test market" for new products, etc., and Vaudville many years ago coined what is now the famous phrase, "If it will play in Peoria, it will play anywhere."

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