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World Cities: Comiso (Italy)

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City information

City: Comiso

Country: Italy

Population: 0.03 million

Coordinates (decimal): 36.95N, 14.6E

Time Zone: W. Europe Standard Time


Some facts:
Comiso is an Italian municipality in the Province of Ragusa in Sicily.

Comiso consists of three boroughs: Comiso, Pedalino, and Quaglio. It lies some 22 km west of Ragusa in the South of Sicily. The main productive sectors are agriculture (wine and vegetables) and trades, including smithery, cabinet making and marble work.

Neighboring communities are: Chiaramonte Gulfi, Ragusa, and Vittoria.

In ancient times, Comiso (Greek: Kasmenai) was a Greek colony. The town was established from Syracuse around 642 BCE and in 212 BCE, it was destroyed by the Romans.

Under the Byzantinesa new borough began to grow around the monasteries of St. Nicolò and Saint Blaise, expanding further under the later Norman and Aragonese domination of Sicily. It was later a fief of the Chiaromonte, Cabrera and Naselli families: the latter, counts of the city from 1571, boosted the economy of the city and built new district outside the ancient walls.

Comiso was devastated by an earthquake in 1693 and rebuilt on the same spot as the old ruins in the Sicilian Baroque style.

The United States Air Force deployed Ground Launched cruise missiles (GLCM) to Comiso Air Base in June 1983. The missiles were eventually dismantled after the Intermediate-Range and Short-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty was signed by the former Soviet Union and the United States on 8 December 1987. The last 16 GLCMs left Comiso Air Base in 1991.

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