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World Cities: Tarnow (Poland)

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City information

City: Tarnow

Country: Poland

Population: 0.118 million

Coordinates (decimal): 50.01N, 20.99E

Time Zone: Central European Standard Time

Added by: Coart

Some facts:
Tarnów is a city in southeastern Poland with 121,500 inhabitants (1995).

The city has been situated in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship since 1999, but from 1975 to 1998 it was the capital of the Tarnów Voivodeship.

The first recorded mention of the city was in 1124. It gained city rights on March 7, 1330. In the 13th century, numerous German settlers immigrated from Kraków and Nowy Sącz. During the 16th century Scottish immigrants began to come in large numbers (Dun, Huyson and Nikielson). It was annexed by Habsburg Austria in 1772 during the First Partition of Poland. The Diocese of Tarnów was formed in 1785. The city became part of a reconstituted Polish state on October 30, 1918, after World War I.

Approximately 20,000 Jews from the vicinity of Tarnów died in the Holocaust. Many Polish prisoners were transferred to Auschwitz concentration camp. Pre-war Tarnow was almost 50 percent Jewish,[citation needed] but due to the decimation of the population by the Nazis there are not even enough Jews in Tarnów to maintain a synagogue, which requires twelve people.

Located at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains in East Małopolska, Tarnów region encoura-
ges visitors to explore its history, cultural heritage and nature.

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